The Voice in the Wilderness Platform


The following is the first draft of the Voice in the Wilderness Party.

While the Voice in the Wilderness Party is fictional, what it stands for is not.

This platform statement is incomplete. There are references missing, and it doesn’t flow the way it should. It does, however, provide a decent outline of how a Christian–any decent human being for that matter–should be looking at politics in the United States and world at large.

This is draft 0.1 dated 3 Aug 2016.


God exists. He’s not some fairy-tale that atheists would like you to believe. While there is no proof, there is plenty of evidence. In fact, there is so much evidence, it would not be inaccurate to label someone who does not believe in God as anti-science. This is not the place to go into the evidence. There is an excellent book, I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist that does a very thorough job of explaining the facts.

Find out who God is. Read the Bible front to back. Do NOT get your theology from liberal sources.


Return to Freedom OF Religion; get rid of Freedom FROM Religion. Bullshit lawsuits of this nature need to be thrown out.

Christians have a right (duty) to discriminate against sin, i.e., you don’t have to bake a cake celebrating sin. Government should respect that right.

Islam is not simply a religion. It’s also a political system. While Christianity can influence politics towards a more moral system of government, Islam is directly intertwined; it is NOT compatible with a free people. It is also hostile to Freedom of Speech, women, gays, and anyone who’s not Islamic. Islam, unlike any other religion, needs to be condemned in the strongest of terms.


There is nothing wrong with government, as long as it doesn’t overstep its bounds. It should be constrained by law; the Constitution.

Some things that it is not:

  • It is not your parent.
  • It is not your ruler.
  • It is not your provider.
  • It is not your source of happiness.
  • It is not your savior.

The Constitution is the law by which the federal government runs. It is designed to protect you, the citizen, from the government. It doesn’t matter whether you like it. It’s the law. Deal with it. Follow it. Politicians that violate the Constitution should be impeached/fired/arrested. A politician that questions the Constitution, should be barred from election. They take an oath to defend the Constitution; doing otherwise should be grounds for impeachment.

You, as a citizen should the read your country’s founding documents. In order. The Constitution makes a lot more sense when you read the Declaration of Independence first.


Overturn Roe v. Wade. This would solve the problem of clinics with unsafe conditions. It would solve the argument over taxpayer funding (Hyde Amendment), and sending funds overseas for abortions (Helms Amendment).

It would solve the biggest problem of all which is abortion itself. Abortions are not health care; pregnancy is not a disease. Abortion ends a human life every time; that’s what abortion stands for: abort pregnancy, abort life. Life begins at conception. Deny this simple fact, and you deny science. If you think the government should not dictate whether a woman kills her unborn child or not, than the government should not dictate whether a woman kills her husband or not.

Abortion is not a woman’s right. Women don’t receive a special right to kill human beings, just because they carry one in their womb. It is against the law, for men and women, to kill other human beings, except in the case of self-defense. I think I can say with confidence that no unborn child has ever come after it’s mother with the intent to kill. Abortion being a woman’s right is an asinine argument, wrapped in stupidity.

An abortion doctor is nothing more than a hired hitman. They should be tried for murder, and the individual responsible for hiring him should be tried as an accomplice. If an unborn child is due the same rights as a woman’s husband, then the law should apply equally.

Abortions are unsafe1.

Life begins at conception2, 3, 4, 5. To claim otherwise, is anti-science.

The dismemberment or poisoning of a living human being is not health care. It is uncivilized, bloody, ghastly, barbaric. It is regressive, not progressive.

Democrats are the party of Pro-Choice. What does that mean? They support the "right" of a woman to kill her unborn baby. Interestingly enough, so do Satanists6.

More info:

Abortion Facts – Information on Abortion You Can Use

Family Planning

Make surrogacy, and gestational carriers illegal. Both reduce a woman to nothing more than a baby maker; an easy bake oven.

Worse, is when the surrogacy performed for cash. Babies made for cash is human trafficking. This is not the same as a child who has been orphaned.

Outlaw IVF. IVF involves planting several embryos, and then killing off the "undesirable" ones. This is the abortion of a human life. See: Abortion.

Same-sex "Marriage"

Overturn Obergefell v. Hodges, restoring state laws and restrictions.

The result of the decision has been a clash of one group’s "rights" versus another group’s rights–rights that are specifically spelled out by the Bill of Rights. A slew of activist judges and politicians have attacked the rights of those hold Biblically based views on homosexuality by forcing them, against their will, to use their God-given talents in faux-marriage ceremonies, and "re-education" through diversity propaganda training.

Discriminating Between People and Events | Cogitandi Libere

While it may not be proven, the best evidence available, shows children do best when they are raised by their biological parents, but better when raised by a mother and father. Even the liberal CDC shows that children raised in homosexual households fare worse7. We need to do our best to make sure children are raised in the best environment possible, and that is not a same-sex "marriage."

The Marriage Equality Myth | Cogitandi Libere

Heterosexuality Rears Its Ugly Head In a Same-Sex "Marriage" | Cogitandi Libere


There’s No Such Thing As A Homosexual Human Being (Cogitandi Libere). While you may be born that way, you can choose to live rightly. It is not the same as being black8.

Remove it from protected class status. See: Discrimination.

Treat homosexuality as the health risk it is (like smoking, obesity, drug use, etc.), however, don’t ban it. A gay lifestyle is an unhealthy lifestyle. So says the "ultra-liberal" Centers for Disease Control. The information used to be easier to find, but they keep moving it around. I think they want people to stop looking. In short, people engaged in a gay lifestyle have higher rates of: smoking addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, suicide, depression, domestic violence, and sexually transmitted diseases. There may have been more, but that’s off the top of my head. Those same rates tend to be found in children raised by homosexual couples with additional higher rates of child abuse and teen pregnancy. I plan on putting something together summarizing the findings of the CDC and other organizations, but haven’t gotten to it. In the meantime, check out CDC report: Homosexual lifestyle extremely violent. I’d also like to mention that I find it interesting how as a society, we’re gung ho about cracking down on other people’s unhealthy lifestyle choices–think smoking, obesity (fat shaming!?)–but homosexuality is taboo.

God condemns ALL sex outside of marriage as sin; He’s not singling out gays. Prom night? It’s a sin. College hookup culture? Sin. Adultery? Sin. Living together, but not married? Sin. Homosexuality? Sin. If you’re having sex, and it’s not with your wife, it’s a sin. I know he’s popular, but getting your theology of homosexuality from Matthew Vines is like getting your theology about Hell from Rob Bell. They’re both wrong.

With that being said, there should also be a certain amount of freedom: you shouldn’t be discriminated against because of your orientation. However, if you don’t fit a professional appearance, you may have issues. (See: Discrimination)

If you want to live with your partner, it’s your decision, there should be no law stopping it. On the other hand, businesses shouldn’t be forced to condone your lifestyle. It’s called Freedom to Associate.

The current administration has been celebrating this sexual deviancy instead of treating it as the health problem that it is. The new National Monument needs to be absolved, and the plan to name a Naval ship after a homosexual activist needs to be scrapped.


There is a certain amount of bullying that happens in the world. People aren’t nice. "For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard," (Romans 3:23 NLT). Learn to deal with a certain amount of it. How’s the saying go? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? This is true with bullying as well. Straight people get bullied when you first discover the opposite sex. Remember cooties? We learned to survive, so can you.

There is obviously a time when bullying crosses the line. This is the time when it needs to be watched for, and stopped immediately, but every little comment isn’t bullying.

The Bureaucracy

Shut down any federal department not explicitly allowed by the Constitution, for example, the Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy. Just about all of them.

Shut down and delete all federal databases, except the criminal database. That would be, specifically, the database of those actually convicted of a crime. Anyone initially arrested is usually fingerprinted, but they are assumed innocent, therefore, if they are actually found innocent, or cleared, that record needs to be purged as to be irretrievable. They are innocent.

Shut down the "secret" court.

Shut down citizen spying (without a specific warrant).

Combine law enforcement departments into one.

Shut down Homeland Security. We already had homeland security. First, we have an Active Duty military. Second, we have a reserve components in the Reserves and the National Guard. Third, we have a citizen army (See: Guns)


Of the remaining departments:

Any regulation that has not been approved by the Legislative Branch is null and void. Those that make sense, will have to be reinstated through Congress. Yes. I’m saying start over.

Remove the ability of federal departments to create/change regulations at will. Congress has legislative power, and needs to approve ANY regulation changes. Regulations are laws. Try breaking one.

The Impact of Federal Regulation on the 50 States | Mercatus Center

There is an argument that says there are too many regulations for Congress to handle, and that many are too specialized that Congress won’t be able to debate intelligently. Too bad. If these so-called experts can’t break it down simple enough for Congressmen, it doesn’t need to be considered. They are our elected representatives, and we are not supposed to be burdened with laws that we don’t understand. If you can’t convince Congress, then you can’t convince the public, and the American people don’t deserve to be saddled with it. They are our representatives. Regulations, for practical purposes, are taxation without representation.

The government was set up with three equal, but separate, powers in order that the the Judge, Jury, and Execution would not be one in the same. But that is what we have in the existing bureaucracies. As it stands, the system violates the spirit of the Constitution. Remove the ability of any remaining federal departments to enforce their own regulations. If they need enforcement, they need to contact law enforcement and the cases need to move through the court system. In other words, take away their assault rifles9.


End government backed student loans, and free money from the government. It’s a vicious circle: colleges raise tuition, government meets tuition, colleges raise tuition, government meets tuition. There’s no competition, so they’re all expensive. It also hurts a section of the middle class: those that make too much for free money, but not enough for loans. If government was out of the picture, many students wouldn’t be able to afford college, which would mean a lot fewer students paying tuition. Colleges would be forced to cut back stupid programs, compete, and lower costs, or go bankrupt. I wouldn’t be sad if Ohio State went bankrupt.

Hillary Clinton’s free college plan could put hundreds of private colleges out of business | Hot Air

Existing loans must still be paid. Your decision to get a degree in something unmarketable isn’t the taxpayer’s fault; it’s yours. You signed on the dotted line saying you’ll pay it back, you’re responsible.

End affirmative action. Affirmative action is based on race. It’s discrimination. (See: Discrimination). Achieving "diversity" through racism is immoral, and should be illegal, despite the opinion of activist judges.

End federal funding for colleges. Education is the responsibility of the states and local communities.

End federal involvement in Common Core. Education is the responsibility of the states and local communities. Push, however, to end Common Core.

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Common Core | Freedom Works

Dissolve the Department of Education. Education is the responsibility of the states and local communities. (See also: The Bureaucracy)

Schools need to compete. If your school district sucks, it deserves to go under. That’s where School Choice comes in.

While the federal government should not be involved in education, they must condemn programs and policies among the nation’s education system that violate Constitutional principles, and moral principles. Examples of ideas that need to be condemned are:

  • The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement: it is anti-Semitic, and therefore, discriminatory.
  • Safe Spaces: places where people go in order to avoid diverse ideas.
  • Free Speech Zones: College campuses are a hot-bed of ideas. Some are good. Some are bad. They should all be encouraged to discuss these ideas in the open without fear of retaliation from Social Justice Terrorists.
  • Radical Atheism: You’re free to be an atheist, but you are not free to condemn religion, especially those of the Judaeo-Christian strain. Professors that discriminate must be removed.
  • Censored History: Christianity played a huge role in the founding of this nation. It’s not the Christian country many Christians make it out to be, but it’s not the anti-religion country many atheists make it out to be either. Tell the truth (all of it).
  • Censored Science: Evolution and Climate Change don’t stand on ground as solid as activists would like it to. Present all the science (not propaganda) so that people can make informed decisions on their own.

Education is ranked 30th in the world. Go back to math, science, reading, writing. Cut cultural and diversity classes. Bring back classes that make students think: logic, rhetoric, ethics. Remove calculators and computers10. Bring back penmanship (not necessarily cursive). Remove activist inspired literature and restore classic literature.

Education is not a right. Someone has to educate you, and they don’t do it for free. They get something out of it. Someone has to pay for the facilities where your education takes place. It’s not at your home. If education is your right, then that educator must educate you whether they want to or not. Which is absurd, and which is why education is not a right. It’s a privilege. You do not have a right to anything someone else has to pay for.


There is only one race: the human race. All other factors are irrelevant.

There are only two genders: male and female. A psychological disorder is not a gender.

Educating Myself: Gender Dysphoria and Public Bathrooms | Cogitandi Libere

End protected classes. All U.S. citizens will be treated the same regardless of skin color or gender.

Make it illegal to ask for race information on government forms. Race is irrelevant to government business. This would include the Census.

End hate crime legislation. ALL crime stems from a certain amount of hate, or at a minimum, a lack of caring. If a man is killed, it doesn’t matter whether the reason is color of his skin or the money in his wallet; both are equally wrong. While it may be important when establishing motive, it is irrelevant for justice.

Yes, white people can be discriminated against.

Employers should have more say in their employees appearance. You may be required to dress a certain way, depending on the employer, but that fits for any employee–if an employer doesn’t want his employees wearing purple hair, and you dye your hair purple, don’t be shocked if you’re told to go home. Excessive visible piercings and tattoos are up to the employer’s discretion; not yours. It’s his business; not yours.

Accidental discrimination should not be used to enact racist laws and policies. For example, removing affirmative action, a policy that makes decisions based solely on the color of your skin, because less black people will get into colleges because their grades are insufficient. This results in a less diverse student body, which appears discriminatory. It is not. It is the result of a poor education system where blacks tend to live, and is not an excuse to engage in racism.


If you’re afraid of a Wild West society, you haven’t been paying attention. America’s cities (particularly the Democrat-run cities) are the Wild West. The problem is not enough good citizens have guns.

Murders spike in cities with Democrat gun control | WND

The Curse of Violent Crime in Democrat-Run Cities | Frontpage Mag

Promote gun safety, and reduce gun fear (hoplophobia).

Some people are more apt to do violence than others. You should have the right to defend yourself against violence. The best way to do that is a firearm. Why a firearm? The best answer I’ve seen: Because a cop doesn’t fit in your purse.

Gun control is a violation of the Constitution. Taxes on guns and ammo, unnecessarily inhibit the ability of citizens to buy protection for themselves, and are especially hard on the poor.

When speaking about abortion, Hillary Clinton said, "It’s not much of a right if it is totally limited and constrained." The 2nd Amendment confirms American’s right to be armed. But it’s not much of a right if it is totally limited and constrained, is it Hillary?

Hillary Clinton: It’s Not Much of a Right If It Is Totally Limited & Constrained – YouTube

The 2nd Amendment is your right to protect yourself from criminals, but more importantly, the government. In a country where the citizens are armed, with the same weapons as the military, it is virtually impossible for the government to crack down and impose it’s will. This is by design, as the Founding Father saw too well in a country that had decided to crack down on them.


You need to be a citizen and you need to prove it with a picture ID. If you’re not a citizen, you are not a member of the citizenship. You do not have the right to vote, even if you’re here legally. A picture ID is required for all sorts of things in this country, but the idea that it’s not required to prove you’re a citizen in something as important as voting for your leaders is absurd. Apparently, it’s more important to control access to alcohol and tobacco then to vote for your representatives.

Raise the voting age to 25 (exception: for those in the military). People need more than a sub-par liberal education to make an impact on this county’s leadership. I’d push for an even higher voting age, but it seems a bit unreasonable. Too many of those millennials have no life experience, and aren’t as smart as they think they are. You want your voice heard? Take it to your representative; that’s the way things work in a Republic.


If you’re here illegally, you get deported. Period.

If you hire illegal aliens, you and your company will be fined and/or face jail time.

Sanctuary cities are illegal, and city officials will be arrested for violating Federal Law. There’s discussion about ending federal funding to cities and states that offer sanctuary, but there should be no federal funding anyway. Arrest those involved.

Illegal aliens can not attend public education, get driver’s licenses, food stamps, or any other service paid for with taxpayer money. City/state officials will be arrested for violating Federal Law.

There is nothing wrong with honoring your heritage, but when you come to America, you will become an American. Not the other way around. The color of your skin is not your heritage.

English will be the official language. All government forms will be printed in English only. It is not the government’s responsibility to make sure you can read the forms; it’s yours.


It’s time to start impeaching judges that make decisions based on their personal morals instead of law. The Constitution should be their guide. While they may believe, it’s a "crusty old document," it’s still the LAW.

Turn down cases outside Federal jurisdiction.

Return balance to the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. The Supreme Court is not the supreme authority.

Put an end to legislating from the bench. Legislation through Judicial activism should be an impeachable offense.

Court System

Put a stop to bullshit lawsuits, particularly those designed to intimidate, such as big money suing the little guy, so the little guy concedes instead of spending money he doesn’t have to defend himself.


End government subsidies. All of them.

End government blackmail funding with strings attached.

The government does not create jobs. The President does not create jobs. Congress does not create jobs. The Supreme Court does not create jobs. Bureaucracies do not create jobs. Government, and bureaucracies, create an atmosphere that is good for business, or bad for business. If it’s good for business, businesses will create jobs.

Remove the federally mandated minimum wage.

Let the Data Speak: The Truth Behind Minimum Wage Laws | Cato Institute

Perhaps, Prof. Friedman said it best when he concluded that "The real tragedy of minimum wage laws is that they are supported by well-meaning groups who want to reduce poverty. But the people who are hurt most by high minimums are the most poverty stricken." (Let the Data Speak)

5 Developed Countries without Minimum Wages | Investopedia

Minimum wage increases the cost of doing business, forcing a company to raise prices, which in turn, hurts the poor.

Modern unions are bad for business. First, they hurt the economy. Unions have priced workers out of the global job market. The jobs are going overseas, because you’re too damn greedy. Instead of concentrating on higher wages, you should be concentrating on balanced wages that encourage companies to hire, while simultaneously keeping the cost of doing business low, in order to lower the cost of living.

Second, modern unions care more about politics than union members. Don’t get me wrong, they care about membership, but in terms of numbers only. They more members they have, the more dues they can collect, and the more liberal politics they can buy. That’s why they want you to be forced into union membership. Right to Work states reduce the amount of influence they have on liberal politicians.

The Gender Wage Gap exists, but not in the way liberals portray it. Most things aren’t.

The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap | Freakonomics

Harvard prof. takes down gender wage gap myth | Washington Examiner

It can only be fixed by forcing women to make different choices, which is absurd. (Harvard prof…)

Don’t Buy Into The Gender Pay Gap Myth | Forbes

Jobs are not a right. You don’t have right to a job. No employer has to hire you. Jobs are a privilege. If you do your job well, an employer may even offer you more money. You don’t have a right to anything someone else has to pay for.


Get out of the energy business. It belongs in the private sector.

While green energy may prove to be the answer to future energy problems, it is not the answer to current energy problems. It is costly and inefficient. Let companies, and researchers continue to improve clean fossil fuels since they are the most affordable, and simultaneously continue to improve green energy. IF green energy becomes a viable energy source, companies will push it as a solution, and people will buy into it.

The cost of energy for heating and cooling homes needs to reduced. Higher energy costs raise the cost of living and hurt the poor.

Air conditioners are not a threat to our national security. Green energy activists are.

Air conditioning is a matter of life and death | Chicago Tribune

Air-conditioning and Mortality in Hot Weather | Oxford Journals

Lack of Air-Conditioning Cited in France’s Death Toll |

The cost of gas needs to be reduced. Higher prices at the pump raises the cost of personal transportation, and shipping costs for business. Both raise the cost of living and hurt the poor.

While energy is not a right, it shouldn’t be a luxury either. That is what is happens when government policies cause the prices to artificially rise. This phenomenon has a name: Green Energy Poverty. It hurts the poor.

Green Europe is Killing 40,000 Poor People a Year | Breibart

How the green energy bullies drive poverty | Washington Times

Welcome to Green Energy Poverty Week | Hot Air


With the exception of the existing National Parks, give all land back to the states. The Federal Government doesn’t need to own land.


People = Person = Human Being.

Animals are not people, persons, or human beings. While animal cruelty should certainly be punished, animals are not our equals and should not be treated as such.

Corporations are not people. They are businesses made up of groups of people.


Corporations are not people, and should not have to pay taxes. Remove the requirement to pay taxes, and remove the ability to make donations to politicians and get involved in politics.

Corporations are not people, and they’re not citizens. They shouldn’t have to pay taxes, therefore they should not have the right to involve themselves in politics. That doesn’t mean they that can’t lobby, but direct support for politicians and policies should be outlawed.

Corporations employ people. They create jobs. Requiring them to pay taxes increases the cost of doing business, meaning they will pass the costs on to the consumer–raising the cost of living/hurting the poor–or they will look for ways to cut costs–lower wages/less benefits/less jobs.

The government should always be looking for ways to reduce taxes. They should not be looking for ways to increase revenues by adding taxes.


Make it easier for people to open a business. Remove the red tape. Stop requiring licenses for everything: taxis, hairdressers, barbers…

Make it easier for people to keep a business.

Remove the ability for government to shut a business down (except in the case where the establishment is cover for drugs, prostitution, etc.). Even then, the case must be proven in a court of law. Failure to prove such actions were warranted would require compensation from the city/state for lost business, public apology, and compensatory fees to the business owner.

While cities/counties can inspect, they can only write "findings" and findings cannot be posted publicly until a company has had a reasonable time (90 day minimum) to respond, i.e., fix, explain, dispute said findings. The response MUST be supplied with the report. Consumers would have access and make the decision whether they want to work with that business or not.


Eliminate the need for permits to make improvements to one’s home. It’s your property. You don’t need someone’s permission to modify it.

Remove property taxes. This will remove the ability for government to take people’s homes for non-payment. Taxes say you don’t really own the property. You’re essentially renting it from the government.

Greatly restrict the ability of government eminent domain.

If someone invades your home–your safe space–you have the right to defend your home; your property. You do not need to wait and see if the intruder is armed; by then it’s usually too late. An intruder suspends his rights when violating yours.


Crime involves violating the rights of others. If you violate the rights of others, your rights will be suspended. The perpetrator loses his rights, not the victim. Criminals are not victims. They know better, and should be treated as such.

Cops will receive the benefit of the doubt. Because cops can’t read minds, perpetrators of crime will always be considered armed and dangerous. Accidents may happen. To avoid bad situations, don’t break the law, and don’t hang around people that break the law.


End government databases, except criminal databases. (See: The Bureaucracy)

End mass spying on citizens. You must have a warrant, and target the individual specified by the warrant.

Even in public, people should expect a certain amount of privacy (upskirt photography is not allowed).

Public bathrooms are based on objective physical gender, not subjective psychological disorders.

Digital records are to be treated the same as physical records. A warrant is needed to access them, regardless of location. You can’t read people’s email or mail without a specific warrant. You can’t tap a cell phone, for the same reason you can’t tap a land line without a specific warrant.

Climate Change

Climate has been changing for thousands of years. According to the best science available, we are in the midst of the Earth’s fifth period of global warming. If science is to be believed, things are going to get a lot warmer, and we’re not going to be able to stop it.

Stop wasting money trying to stop it. Figure out ways to adapt.


Reopen investigations that have not been satisfactorily closed, for example, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and IRS targeting of conservative groups. Hold Hillary Clinton accountable for the email server scandal, just as Petreus and Snowden were.

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Reaches Its Sorry End | National Review

Congress does not get to skate out of, or create loopholes, for themselves. Reestablish the requirement that Congress follow the health care law, Obamacare, as it currently stands. Remove the ability for representatives to partake in insider trading.

Health Care

Saying Jesus would approve of universal health care is pure speculation. My speculation is that he would not approve of universal health. He didn’t provide universal health care when he was here. He didn’t walk through towns healing everybody in town. He healed those who came to Him; He healed those who came to Him in faith. I have a feeling Jesus would not approve of policies that involve taking from one person, instead of giving cheerily from one’s self.

Health care is not a right. Someone has to heal you, and they don’t do it for free. They get something out of it. Someone has to pay for the facilities where your healing takes place. It’s not at your home. If healing is your right, then that healer must heal you whether they want to or not. Which is absurd, and which is why healthcare is not a right. It’s a privilege. You do not have a right to anything someone else has to pay for.


The military should be the largest portion of the federal government’s expense.

The military is an all-volunteer army. They are not drafted. They are not coerced. They should be equipped to do their job. They should have the best equipment, and the best weapons. They should be paid well. They run the risk of losing their life, in defense of this country’s interests. This country should pay them well.

Fix Veteran’s benefits by:

  • Make them easier to get
  • Shut down veteran’s hospitals and send them to existing hospital networks. Veteran’s shouldn’t necessarily have better care than other hospital patients, but it certainly shouldn’t be sub-standard.

Saving Money

There are plenty of ways to save money highlighted throughout this document. This is a list of items that don’t fall into other categories.

  • Replace the $1 dollar bill with $1 coins.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a racist organization. Of course, black lives matter, but so do white lives, brown lives, olive lives… Blacks do not suffer more violence from police than whites, in fact, more whites are killed by police than blacks. BLM is also a misguided organization. If they care so much about black lives, start with the black on black violence in cities like Chicago. Why is there so much violence there? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the cops, and it’s not whitey. It’s self-inflicted.

If White Privilege exists, it’s because of Black Disadvantage. There is a disadvantage to being black, but it’s self-inflicted due to:

  • Single-motherhood
  • High abortion rates for black children
  • Father’s abandoning the children they produce
  • Black on black violence
  • Gang culture
  • High incarceration rates
  • Low high school graduation rates (combined with substandard public education)
  • Failure to take advantage of Affirmative Action programs

I think reparations for America’s involvement in slavery is a good idea. The federal government should pay each former American slave 5 million dollars, not transferable to next of kin.

Reparations aren’t deserved. If there were former slaves living today, it would be a discussion to have, but there aren’t, so it’s a dead issue. Besides, there have been plenty of opportunities for black people to take advantage of to get ahead in life. First, there are the many missed self-inflicted issues mentioned under Black Disadvantage. If you’re not willing to help yourself, why should anyone else do it for you?

Second, the United States wasn’t the only party involved in the slave trade. Some of those involved were your ancestor’s neighbors. Hold them accountable.

Lastly, I’m kind of a silver lining kind of person, so I’d also like to point out that if your ancestors hadn’t been brought over here, you’d likely be living in Africa. You wouldn’t have access to public education, hospitals, and social media. You’d probably be Islamic which means women wouldn’t have the right to vote, would have to be covered head-to-toe, wouldn’t be allowed to drive, or be educated. And you certainly wouldn’t be allowed to belong to a group like Black Lives Matter. Because quite frankly, over there? They don’t give a damn. No lives matter.


Political correctness is a policy designed to oppress free speech, but it’s also a form of bait and switch. We use terms that are more polite, in an effort to hide something that we find uncomfortable. The problem is that many of the new terms don’t accurately reflect what’s going on; they’re misleading. End political correctness and use terms that are accurate, so that people aren’t mislead. Undocumented immigrants are here illegally. Illegal alien is more accurate, and is not misleading.

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  7. At one time this information was easily accessible, but they’ve moved everything around. I need to find the new location. Or maybe they’ve removed it. I fear that one day they’ll remove all it, because I think they’re afraid of the truth being out there.

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  9. The government, over the last few years, has purchased millions of rounds of ammo. There appears to be no reason other than to create a shortage and drive up costs, making it difficult for citizens–especially the poor–to exercise their rights. Return the millions of rounds of ammo to sellers, and no, for this one time deal ammo companies can’t refuse, but allow for a set (fair) restocking fee.

  10. Computers are great, but they’re expensive to maintain, and they’re a distraction. They also do too much thinking for you. There’s nothing wrong with using computers in the correct atmosphere, but school is not it. They impede your critical thinking skills.