Introducing the “Voice in the Wilderness” Party Platform

I think about politics a lot, but when I think about politics, I think about what’s happening from a Christian point of view. I think about the unintended consequences. Where do things lead? Sometimes it may be a slippery slope, but I’ve seen too many things slide down the slope. It’s better to stop bad ideas before they get on the slide. I don’t believe in the separation of Church and State; at least not the version non-Christians try to push. I don’t separate the two. Jesus doesn’t wait outside the voting booth. He’s a smart guy, but c’mon, He doesn’t get it when you tell Him you need to keep politics and religion separate. Actually, I’m sure He does, but I can’t imagine it makes Him happy.

I hear the arguments: Jesus would have been a Democrat! Jesus would have been a Republican! I’ll be honest. I think it’s all speculation, and I’m going to speculate as well.

I don’t think Jesus wouldn’t have belonged to any party. I think he would have been an independent–small i intentional–in the truest sense of the word. Would He have voted? I don’t know. I think He would have. When Jesus walked the earth as a man, certain things were hidden from Him by the Father, but I think He would have known exactly what each politician would have done in office. What if He knew each would bring Israel to further sin? Would He abstain, or would He vote for a third-party? Would He vote for a third-party candidate He knew–as a matter of fact–wouldn’t win? Would He throw His vote away by voting His conscience? Would He skip the vote knowing His vote "wouldn’t count anyway" allowing the greater-of-two-evils a victory? Would He vote for the lesser-of-two-evils? Think about that for a minute. Knowing that all men fall short of the glory of God, and all candidates have some amount of evil in them, isn’t that what we’re always doing? Voting for the lesser-of-two-evils? Jesus would certainly be in the best position to know who the lesser-of-two-evils actually is.

So, I’ve written this political platform for a fictional party called the Voice in the Wilderness Party. I’m not saying I’m any John the Baptist, by any stretch. But I am, at the moment, a lone voice, yelling in the digital wilderness. If the number grows, the name will change. It won’t fit any more.

But the goal is to get down, in writing, an idea of what I think a Christian’s political platform would/should look like. It’s not done. It’s a first draft, but with elections looming, I thought that a draft is better than nothing. It’s supposed to make you think. Eventually it will contain links supporting every position I’ve staked out.

If you read it, you may get the impression that I’m anti-Democrat. Don’t be afraid to say it. I’m not. I am stubbornly, proudly, anti-Democrat. That doesn’t mean I’m Republican though. I’m also stubbornly, proudly anti-Democrat and independent. If that means I have to vote for Republicans, then so be it. I’m still waiting for a third-party candidate I actually like that has a change of winning.

In the meantime, enjoy.

The Voice in the Wilderness Party Platform

Indiana Should Defund Government Travel To States Hostile Towards Religious Freedom

From Hot Air: California bill would defund government travel to states with religious freedom laws

A California lawmaker has introduced a bill that would ban government-funded travel to states with laws that he says discriminate on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

"No one wants to send employees into an environment where they would be uncomfortable," said Democrat Evan Low, Jon Ortiz, a reporter for the Sacramento Bee, reported this week.

Low said he decided to introduce the bill after Indiana signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law in March 2015.

I think an Indiana lawmaker needs to introduce a bill that would ban government-funded travel to states with laws that are openly hostile towards religious freedom and expression. No one wants to send employees into an environment where they would be uncomfortable.

Liberals Think Religious Beliefs Are Up For Discussion

The headline reads: HRC: Religious Beliefs Must Be Changed For Abortion Rights

So there it is. The liberals are finally openly admitting that your religious beliefs need to change. And in this admission, they are finally openly admitting that they have no clue what religion is. So, when they make their claim to be Christian, or Catholic, or whatever other version of God believers they are, you know that it’s not genuine. Someone who truly believes that God wrote the book, doesn’t make a claim that religion needs to change.

If a person is following their religion, it means they’re following the rules as laid out by God. The rules aren’t subject to change as are the laws of government. The two are not the same. There is no Congress in Heaven, contemplating the best way to do things, with God in some sort of Executive position. He doesn’t have a pen in hand waiting to issue an Executive Order because Congress isn’t fixing the world. He’s the Supreme Judge, Jury, and Executioner. He makes the laws, we obey. He is the only One. Telling religious people they need to change their beliefs, is akin to telling them, humans will tell you what is right and wrong, not God. Therefore, you need to defy God. You need to defy your Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

And this coming from a woman who claims to be Methodist. I wonder what the United Methodist Church thinks about her claim, you just need to change your beliefs. It’s as simple as that.

Part of religion is following God’s will as laid out in the Bible, not human will. That means His whole will; not just the stuff you like, or makes you feel good. When God inspired man to write the Bible, He didn’t inspire any clauses that said, you can change what I’ve said whenever times change. There aren’t any statements that say, you’re going to have to change your views when those libs start running their mouth.

Part of religion means that we understand that the Bible is God’s Word, not man’s. It’s not for us to change. Who are we to change His Word? Who the hell do you think you are? The ego some people have; to think that they know better than God! He’s GOD! You’re a human being. “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding” (Job 38:4 ESV).

You. Don’t. Know. Squat.

But this is what I do know: Liberal policies have been largely successful in destroying this country, families, education, jobs, and morals. This country is falling apart before our eyes, and liberals are too fucking blind to see it. They think they’ve built some kind of partial grand cultural utopia, or something, and they’re afraid conservatives and Christians are going to destroy it. I don’t see it! What is so fucking great that they’ve built? All I see is chaos, and I see it getting worse with every liberal–and RINO by the way–that we put into power.

What have they built? Ferguson? Safe spaces? Trigger words? The murder of unborn children? Men and women exchanging natural sexual relations for unnatural ones? Oppression of Christians? Bullying of conservatives? Dumbing down education? Removal of competition from childhood? Creating a generation of whiny… adults? Creating an even newer generation of overly-sensitive college students who can’t handle reality? An epidemic of divorce, and broken families? Hooking up? A failed attempt to separate sex from children?

Shall I go on?

No. There’s one Bible, and there’s one God. We as human beings do best when we try to live by His word; His will. We create destruction, as I noted above, when we try to do things our way. It’s time for liberals to change their beliefs and move towards a relationship with God, not just religion with God. It’s time to stop being rebellious, and get on board His train.

People who are convicted in their beliefs aren’t going to change them because some human being says they need to. And that has nothing to do with liberals, conservatives, communists, libertarians, socialists, or any other political party. For thousands of years, people who have been convicted in their beliefs have been martyred, and still are to this day. Our Founding Fathers understood that. That’s why they included things like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. To protect those convicted of their beliefs from government and in todays culture, liberals.

I look at the destruction left behind by liberal ideas, and I can’t imagine what makes them think I would ever take the horseshit pill their trying to get me to swallow. No. Religious beliefs and structural bias doesn’t need to change. Liberals do. Because they preach utopia, but all I see is hell.

Do you fear man more than God?

This article appeared on discussing how Christians are to blame for the erosion of religious freedom in the U.S.

Sadly though the failure of the apathetic or uninformed Christians was only part of what contributed to the fall of religious liberty.

Sometimes those who very much know better cave to the left out of sheer white knuckle compromise of their long held beliefs.

They do so because they fear man more than God.

Do you fear man more than God?

Read the whole article: Lost Religious Freedoms: Blame Christians