On Websites That Auto-refresh

When reading an article on the web, don’t you love it when videos start playing automatically? What is the purpose of auto playing a video when you’ve followed a link to read an article, but you’re presented with a distracting video that has nothing to do with the article.

So, you hit pause and begin reading.

Suddenly, half-way through the article, the page refreshes!

So, you’re stuck waiting for the article to reload. And then, of course, you need to wait for the video to reload, because you know that it will automatically start playing again.

Don’t you love that?

Missing the Cart Corral

Why are people so lazy that they can’t put their cart in the corral? Usually it takes less than two minutes. Normally I wouldn’t care, but do you know how many carts I’ve seen bash cars on a blustery day? Do you know how many carts have bashed my car? I think it’s lazy and rude not to put your cart in the corral.

Today, I saw a woman take her groceries from her cart and put them in the trunk. She then pushed the cart between her vehicle and the car to the right of her vehicle. There was a cart corral on the left side.

Lady? If you read this? WTF?